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Dreadlock making kit - dreadscaper to make your own dreads at home

Dreadlock making kit - dreadscaper to make your own dreads at home


The Dreadscaper 

DIY Dreadlock Crafting Kit

For home and professional use.

TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THE DREADSCAPER IN USE copy and paste this link https://youtu.be/TqJgjCVllkI

Create beautiful and natural dreadlocks. No need for any wax, chemicals or gels. Achieve results in seconds! Minimal length loss and no breakage. Happy Dreading!
Developed by professional loctitians in their studio, Dreadscapes have been utilising their handmade tool for over 12 years, creating thousands and thousands of dreads. Now we are bringing our expertise to you. No experience required to create natural and beautiful dreadlocks.

The Dreadscaper is brilliant for creating a full start-up of dreadlocks. It is also great for creating your own extensions, attaching extensions, length work on established dreads and knubbing dread ends.

The Dreadscaper creates far superior dreadlocks with minimal length loss and no bubbling. Unlike the common backcomb method which results in almost 50% length loss and bubbling along the width of the dread. With tiny barbs along the length of the needles, the Dreadscaper when used in combination with the brush mat is like a horizontal backcombing, creating hundreds of tiny knots along the length of the hair to achieve perfect dreads.
Unlike another common technique, The Twist n Rip method, The Dreadscaper is really quick and easy to use with the final result, healthy consistent looking dreads without a braided appearance like Twist n Rip. 

For Professionals:
Loctitians – save your hands! The Dreadscaper primes the hair in no time and reduces the amount of crochet required.
Hairdressers – The Dreadscaper replaces the need to use perming solution or pipe cleaners to prime the hair. The Dreadscaper is quick, easy and efficient and doesn’t require the addition of any products to lock hair.

Included in the kit is The Dreadscaper and brush mat, hair elastics for separation, beads and a crochet hook. For use at home it will be necessary to find a friend to help. For absolute best results we would recommend crochet as a final step. This technique can be a little difficult to master, however it is absolutely possible to achieve great dreads with just The Dreadscaper alone. To achieve this may require a few repeat sessions depending on the hair and how well it dreads. The Dreadscaper removes the need to use any products whatsoever in creating amazing dreads for you and your friends.

Please note that the needles of this tool are extremely sharp and we would advise absolute caution when using. Suitable for ages 16 +. Keep out of reach of young children. Always return The Dreadscaper to it’s box when not in use.

Please also note that The Dreadscaper has been specifically designed to work on hair. The needles have been selected to achieve maximum results without any breakage. Beware of similar products or imitations.